Rhubarb and juniper, in a gelée.

Study: RHUBARB. 2.6 Rhubarb pretends to be a dessert wine.

Here is a simple gelée made to see how rhubarb and juniper pair together. This worked.


Flavor: Very pale sweetness. Refreshing, lightly tart. Less piney than mildly astringent. Juniper seems to draw out a tropical component in rhubarb. Like that dessert wine cocktail someone orders at brunch out of an urge to look sophisticated, bur secretly kinda likes.

Process: Reserve about 3 tbsp. juice to bloom gelatin.  Crush juniper berries with the side of a knife or rolling pin.

juniper in rhubarb syrup.

juniper in rhubarb syrup.

In saucepan, make a weak rhubarb-juniper syrup: on very low heat, warm juice with crushed juniper. Add sugar to warm juice to dissolve. Allow to simmer at low temperature for about 15 min to infuse juniper flavor. Juniper berries vary a lot in strength. Taste the mixture often and be judicious. Also, remember that flavor intensity will be reduced when the mixture chills.

Strain warm syrup mixture. In small bowl, sprinkle gelatin over 3 tbsp reserved, chilled juice. Allow to stand 1-2 min. to bloom. Pour gelatin mixture into warm syrup mixture, and stir. Pour into serving vessel. Cover and refrigerate 6-8 hour to set

1 cup + 3 tbsp. rhubarb juice, chilled.
10 -20 juniper berries.
.25 cup sugar.
1 packet gelatin.

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