For Blueberry, candied bacon.

Study: Blueberry. 3.1.4 Candied bacon.

Blueberry pancake breakfast, deconstructed, part 4. 


The milky-sweet flavor of the buttermilk cube calls out for a salted, crunchy offset. And because putting bacon in dessert generates hits.


Trim excess fat from bacon. Score bacon along edge at 1/4 inch intervals to reduce curling in pan. Lightly salt and pepper the bacon. (Yes, salt the bacon; the first time this was tried, it came out not salty at all). Fry bacon in skillet until fat begins to render, but well before bacon seems cooked. Drain bacon of liquid and lay strips in foiled-line baking pan. Cover strips thinly with a single layer of demerara sugar. Transfer to oven preheated to 325 degrees, bake for 6-8 minutes. Finish with 1 minute broiler or with a kitchen torch. Place on rack to cool and remove excess sugar. Once cool enough to handle, trim strips with knife to remove any excess fat.


4 tbsp. Demerara sugar.