Cookie of Blueberry Powder.

Study: Blueberry. 3.1 Wafer Cookie of blueberry powder.

Blueberry pancake breakfast, deconstructed, part 1.

This recipe uses a powder made from freeze-dried blueberries. The powder has an intense, sour blueberry flavor. Using it requires a bit of care, though. Freeze-dried ingredients should be stored bone-dry, and added to liquid ingredients at the last possible moment.

Because the blueberry pancake deconstruction needs a warm, crunchy ingredient to complement the sorbet and buttermilk, I first made a very firm wafer. It looked like this:


It tasted like dirt, and not in a good way.

So I made a cookie instead. This powdered blueberry cookie is a hybrid of a traditional sugar cookie and a simple pre-packaged pancake.


Sweet, and simple, with an echo of pancakiness. Then, a bright, tart blueberry finish.


In a clean, dry spice mill, grind freeze-dried until a fine powder results. (Note: if you open your grinder too soon after processing, a cloud of aerosolized blueberry dust will rise into the air, then into your lungs. You should wait a couple of minutes after grinding before seeing what the results are. The Oompa-Loompas may not be around to save you.) About 3 tbsp. blueberry powder should result. Set aside in a dry place.

Cream butter with almond flour, pancake mix, and confectioners’ sugar.
In a separate bowl, whisk egg white and granulated sugar.
Incorporate the egg mixture into the dry ingredients. A sticky batter should result. Mix in the powdered blueberry. Spoon onto a buttered baking sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 6-8 minutes, or until the edge just begins to brown. Place on rack to cool.



About 20 freeze-dried blueberries.

3.5 tbsp butter.

2 tbsp confectioners’ sugar.

2 tbsp buttermilk pancake mix.

2 tbsp almond flour.

1 white of a very large egg. 

1 tbsp granulated sugar.

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