Blue Chocolate.

Study: Blueberry. 3.2 Blue Chocolate. 

Blueberry pancake breakfast, deconstructed, part 2.

Sorry its been a week. It’s summer. And my friend John made me this Blueberry Mojito:


And then my friend Joe gave me this Blueberry Ale from Shoreline Brewery:

Shoreline Brewery's Stella Blue.

Shoreline Brewery’s Stella Blue.

Here is the second component of the blueberry pancake deconstruction, making the shelf-stable components of the deconstructed blueberry pancake first. This uses the same blueberry powder as the cookie.


Flavor.  Sweet, fatty. Just a bit of blueberry at the end.

Process. Melt and temper white chocolate. Tempering — introducing unmelted chocolate into your mixture as it begins to cool — will allow the finished chocolate to retain a good snap. Sugarhero recently put out a great step-by-step description.
As the chocolate cools, stir in the powdered blueberry. Pour chocolate into square-shaped silicone mold and allow to set.


About 6 oz. white chocolate.

2 tbsp. powdered, freeze-dried blueberries, about 10-20 blueberries.

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