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Ostrich Milk, a food blog.

We learn to eat before we learn to do almost anything else. Maybe because food is our most basic desire, our society discusses and rearranges food in ever more complex forms in an inevitably futile attempt to recapture that first feeling of desire fulfilled.

Maybe no phenomenon captures the proliferation of forms of food as well as the monomeal. Not too long ago, to serve a meal focused on a single ingredient was to live on the extreme of avant garde performance art. But today, to do so is the routine fare of mid-week menus at half the restaurants in Chicago and half of reality television.

So lets do that then. While occasionally insulting celebrity chefs, this food blog systematically explores food one ingredient at a time.

Why “Ostrich Milk”? Ostrich milk is the impossible ingredient. In a letter to a friend asking for some ingredients to help him finish a recipe, the surrealist Max Ernst once asked for ostrich milk.

I’m guessing Ernst knew there is no such thing as ostrich milk. Ostriches are birds. They do not give milk.

But don’t you want to know what ostrich milk tastes like?

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