Study 2: RHUBARB

Study 2: RHUBARB

2.1   A Stalk of Rhubarb, raw.

2.2   Rhubarb, wishing it was Apple.

2.3   Rhubarb, quick-pickled, purple.

2.4   Rhubarb is not unjuiceable.

2.5   The Rhubarb Uprising spreads throughout the Net.

2.6   Rhubarb eyes Strawberry jealously, in a Salad.

2.7   A shocking Gallery of Rhubarb Foodporn.

2.8   Rhubarb, with Juniper, pretends to be a Dessert Wine.

2.9   Rhubarb sneaks Dessert while longing for Elves.

2.10  Rhubarb, Sticky, with the Letter ‘R’.

2.11  Rhubarb, as Sorbet, with vulgar Science.