A stalk of rhubarb, raw.

Study: RHUBARB 2.1 A Stalk of rhubarb, raw.

Taste: A good snap. Extreme acidity, more metallic than citric. Painful, bordering on inedible, and perhaps toxic.
A slight lingering finish of green and strawberry.

Process: Remove base and crown. Rinse stalk. Dry. Chill.

Ingredient: A stalk of rhubarb.

A ripe rhubarb stalk does not necessarily need to be cooked to be eaten. But you need a really good piece of rhubarb. Most rhubarb is inedible raw. Some processing is needed to tone down the harshest acid components.

Narrower stalks tend to be more tender and less fibrous. Because the toughest fibers are on the outside of the stalk, thicker pieces can be improved by peeling.

The base of a ripe stalk can develop an unpleasant texture. The greener part of the stalk can be too acidic, and needs to be cooked.


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